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Gartner reports that companies using lead nurturing generate 451 percent more qualified leads than companies who don’t. Although that is an amazing statistic, you shouldn’t expect that you can buy a marketing automation solution today and generate an exponential increase tomorrow. Marketing automation is a discipline just as any other form of marketing is. It requires a full understanding of the technology, the techniques, and the consumer behaviors that drive higher levels of engagement.


Setting clear expectations over time helps you judge your performance and pace your implementation. To set realistic expectations, keep the following ideas in mind. Becoming proficient at marketing automation takes a lot of time, although the effort required to begin is small. Focus on getting up and running today, and then focus on improving over time. Don’t try to be perfect at each step. Instead, improve at each step by getting a little better than you were before.


Whatever your goals may be, success will take time no matter what solution you choose. You have to spend a lot of time on the front end before and during implementation, and less time as you become more proficient with your tool. Consider spending a few weeks to set up your tool, and a few hours per week for making improvements after you’re set up