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A European study in 2013 noted that the average consumer is in front of a screen 12 hours a day. More than 294 billion e-mails are sent each day, and more than 2 million new blog posts go online every day. The Wall Street Journal reports that more than 42 percent of holiday shoppers in 2013 did their holiday shopping online. Clearly, with the amount of time people spend online, if you’re not online, you’re going to be left behind. Most of this is not news to you.


You probably have a website, an e-mail tool, and a Twitter account. You have started to blog and create content for your website. You’ve learned about the benefits of SEO and optimized your content for search results. The next sections explain how to engage with the modern buyer in more granular detail so that you can easily see how marketing automation helps you better engage online with your consumers.


Content marketing has become another buzzword in the marketing world. It has sparked the New York Times bestselling book Youtility, by Jay Baer, and spawned new institutes such as the Content Marketing Institute. Content marketing even changed the way Google’s algorithm ranks websites in natural searches. The Internet is now made up of content, and marketers are clued in. We’re creating more content than ever before, and it’s because we have to.