Crowdfunding with Bitcoin and other platforms has the potential to 1) Remove the need for trusted third parties, 2) Digitize ownership and 3) Automate profit disbursements. A sponsor could raise funds by creating digital shares in a single property and then selling the shares to investors. This means that investors get tokens that represent shares of the property they purchase. The title is on the blockchain. However, legal questions remain about how to match the current system of paper ownership of shares with digital ones. All real estate crowdfunding companies can accept bitcoin as a payment option from their investors.



I'm an entrepreneur, advisor, and public speaker in the application of Bitcoin / Blockchain to real estate. I have 10 years of real estate experience including development, title insurance, and investing. I bought my first bitcoins in 2012. I founded the non-profit International Blockchain Real Estate Association (IBREA) in 2013. My nascent startup, velox.RE, will bring transparency and liquidity to real estate transactions.