IBREA is organized as a LinkedIn Group. Click the Join button to share your ideas and connect with other Bitcoin real estate professionals. Membership for individuals is currently free.

If you are a company or institution that would like join IBREA or partner with us, please use the contact form to discuss opportunities.

IBREA Slack Community

International Blockchain Real Estate Association Slack

We have a growing Slack community, with channels for topics such as title and smart contracts, channels for our local chapters, plus many others. To join, please request an invitation through our Contact Us page.

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Featured Video

Ragnar Lifthrasir, Founder & Chairman of the International Blockchain Real Estate Association, explains what Blockchain is: allows a transfer of assets peer to peer without the need or requirement for a trusted 3rd party - with a record on a mutable, public database.

Real estate is the best use for a blockchain platform, enabling real estate companies to save costs, facilitate faster transactions, and give greater transparency and greater liquidity.