The International Blockchain Real Estate Association (IBREA) is a member-focused advocacy, educational, and trade organization dedicated to implementing blockchain in real estate. Blockchain offers an open source, universal protocol for property buying, conveyancing, recording, escrow, crowdfunding, and more. It can reduce costs, stamp out fraud, speed up transactions, increase financial privacy, internationalize markets, and make real estate a liquid asset.

IBREA Announces Network Token at Annual Global Conference

First Token-Based Trade Organization

The IBREA Network Token will facilitate IBREA becoming decentralized, blockchain-based, membership-driven, and network focused. The token will help govern, drive participation, and incentivize contributing to IBREA efforts. We're modeling the token after the social network token. To learn more or get involved, please use the Contact Us Form.

IBREA Collects Industry Awards For Innovation


Corporate Partnerships

We are pleased to welcome Leslie Gahagan as our Corporate Engagement Manager. In this important role, Leslie will help real estate companies, software providers, law firms, government agencies, and other organizations join IBREA and benefit from our impressive members, numerous events, educational resources, and technology services.

For a limited time, IBREA Individual Memberships are free are completed through our LinkedIn Group.

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Join our Linked group

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Click to request to join the IBREA Slack community

Official Cook County Blockchain Pilot Program Report

The conclusions and accomplishments of the pilot program to test using the bitcoin blockchain for real estate title transfers

Permissionless Real Estate Title Transfers on the Bitcoin Blockchain in the USA! - Cook County Blockchain Pilot Program Report

Can you legally transfer ownership of real estate on the bitcoin blockchain? Can a blockchain real estate title transfer be recorded in the government

Welcome From The Chairman

Thank you for interest in our association. For nearly four years we have worked to bring the tech and real estate communities together to use blockchain to reboot the property industry. Our strength is our talented and passionate members. Our thousands of members are diverse, including software engineers, property owners, tech entrepreneurs, real estate developers, venture capitalists, and more. After browsing our tools, goals, events, Library, and other Association benefits, I hope you will join IBREA!
— Ragnar Lifthrasir, Chairman of the Board

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